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Do You Know How to Speak Irish?

Conversation Circle Page on website!

I record a video podcast each month in conjunction with the Irish Genealogical Society International. The podcast is called "This Month at the IGSI!" We not only discuss events that are going on throughout the month with the IGSI but we also talk about Irish culture especially things that might be of interest to Irish Americans. The podcasts can be found on Youtube and on the IGSI website!

Recently, I spoke with a lady in Dublin, Ireland who teaches the Irish language throughout the globe to those who want to know more about the language and wanting to speak it. Mollie Guidera has been teaching the Irish language for awhile and provides online courses on her website "". She told me how she started teaching the Gaeilge an how her business took off when many especially in North America were so interested in learning more on the language. Did you know there are three types of Gaeilge languages on the Emerald Isle? Mollie explained all that in her segment and even taught me a few things during the interview including Pionta Guinness le do thoil!  Here's the segment!

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