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Consultation and research

I begin with an initial 5 hours research program. This includes a 30 minute consultation to talk about your vision for the project. We will refine the scope of the project and how I can help you. I can provide you with advice on how to do your own genealogical research. Or we can set parameters around the research I can conduct for you on your behalf, including family lines, rates and time periods. While I specialize in North Americans with Irish heritage, I welcome all requests!

Image by Priscilla Du Preez

Expert Research

Using my extensive knowledge and experience with genealogical research, I will conduct a comprehensive study on the topics we previously agreed upon. At the end of my research, I will provide you with a written report with supporting records and documents I discovered. Contact me for rates and services!

Whether you're 1 or 91, it's never too late to learn about your ancestors!

Group Presentation

I enjoy presenting a program of my findings on the genealogical topics I researched for you. I can speak to your group at a formal event, or at a family gathering. Materials will be provided to all of your attendees. Contact me for rates and services!





Free Consultation


Expert Research


Group Presentation




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