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How It Works

Your family heritage is important! It can provide insight into who you are and how your ancestors once lived. Conducting comprehensive research on your family tree can sometimes feel overwhelming. Let me help you to discover your roots in an easy and stress-free way!


I start by sitting down with you to learn about your research goals and how I can assist.


I research using extensive records databases to find the most comprehensive facts available.


I provide to you a final written report on my research discoveries including records and sources.


"My mission is to help you discover your family roots!"​


- Dave Miller, The Ancestor Guy


Let me help you with your find your roots through my family history services. I specialize in genealogical research on North Americans with Irish heritage. If its helping you get started in your own research with tips and tricks of the trade, or research your family history on your behalf, my mission is to make you more knowledgeable about your heritage!


New to geneology? I can help you find ways to begin your own family heritage research.


Need an expert? I can research records on your behalf and report the findings to you.


Need a speaker? I can present to your groups virtually and in person on various genealogical topics.


"I am pleased that Dave has found records in Ireland. I would recommend him to help you find your ancestors.”


- Mary Sweeny

Why Work With Me

Helping people research their family history is not only something I enjoy doing, it is also my passion! Over the years, my pursuit of our ancestors has taken me all over the country and to parts of Europe. I am excited to assist you in finding your heritage and discover your family roots!


I have more than 40 years of experience researching family history.


I have extensive knowledge of records databases to help me conduct comprehensive research.

Highly Recommended

I am an internationally recognized speaker and have been interviewed on cable TV.

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