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An explosion of records are now available online!

Recently, there has been an increase of never before seen Irish records that are now showing up on various websites. This will help the overseas researcher especially in digging deeper into their family research or further prepare their family information prior to a research trip to Ireland. The highlight of these is the General Records Office (GRO) online access to historical civil records from the 19th and 20th centuries. The index and transcription will also provide you with an image of the document. These records and some Catholic parish transcriptions maybe found at Additional record updates are forth coming. For Northern Ireland records, GRONI provides similar access to their pay as you go site. The link to this site is The National Archives of Ireland has also added to their online collection including the Valuation Office Books from 1848-1860.

In 2015, the National Library of Ireland added almost 1089 Catholic parish records to its online collection which can be found at The Anglican Records Project has also been updating Church of Ireland parish records on the newly updated Representative Church Body Library site. Although many records were destroyed during the Four Courts Fire of 1922, many other records survive and are either in local custody, on microfilm at the RCB or have been digitized and posted online. You can find more information on these records at

Rootsireland continues to update its electronic database with new records from Counties Leitrim and Wexford. This site has also added over 7000 transcriptions from the 1821 Census. Just recently, The County Sligo Heritage and Genealogy Society also announced over 3000 civil marriage records to the rootsireland database.

Other sites continue to update their individual databases providing the researcher and family historian more opportunities to find records that were previously unavailable or housed in Irish archives.

Registry of Deeds Building in Dublin.

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