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Genealogy 101 was a hit this year!!

The 2017 edition of Genealogy 101 wrapped up Saturday at the Brown County Library but not until after record numbers were reported by the head of the Local History and Genealogy Department Mary Jane Herber. Mary Jane stated that this was the largest turnout for the annual weekly workshop since the it's inauguration roughly 10 years ago. An unofficial tally indicated that about 1300 were in attendance for the Saturday morning sessions this year. This year's Genealogy 101 began in January and ended this past Saturday. This was also highlighted with the 3 sessions conducted by the Ulster Historical Foundation during their stopover in Green Bay on 13 March. Around 130 were in attendance for the UHF sessions during the afternoon and evening despite the snow which occurred earlier in the day.

I was very honored to be part of the program on the 4 March with a presentation on Irish religious records that are now available and this past Saturday with an updated version of "What's The Story." Congratulations to Mary Jane Herber, all the volunteers and the library staff for the hard work they put into this successful program. We look forward to great things for the 2018 version of Genealogy 101.

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