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Genealogy Odds and Ends...

The Irish Family History Foundation has announced that they have added an index to over 50,000 names recorded on gravestones in South Mayo to its website. The index includes graves from the 19th and 20th centuries and contains the person's name and graveyard. In many cases, the dates of death, age at the time of death and address are included in the inscription. More information is available at

The Newberry Library in Chicago, Illinois has revamped its site. The newly redeveloped ChicagoAncestors 2.0 allows the viewer to review and contribute Chicago history using maps. The new site features larger maps as well as legible street names and also provides new ways to search its 7,000-plus data points across 34 collections. You can find the new site at This is a great site to look at if you are searching Chicago ancestors!

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