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Interested in attending a different type of Family History Conference this autumn? There's still

There is still space available for the Autumn Family History Conference hosted by the Ulster Historical Foundation in Belfast, Northern Ireland. This Conference will be held 6th-13th September with the main portion of the conference in Belfast. I use the words "main portion" because this is a very unique event in that it allows you the chance to not only research your family history in Belfast and Dublin but also provides you the opportunity to tour a number of historical sites as part of the Conference. The Foundation has been conducting these bi-annual conferences for several years with great success.

Each conference delegate will be able to conduct searches at the Public Records Office of Northern

Ireland (PRONI), The National Library of Ireland, The National Archives of Ireland and the Registry of Deeds. Your research time will also include assistance in the archives by the Foundation's research staff including Research Director Dr. William Roulston. Dr. Roulston is the author of Researching Scots-Irish Ancestors: The Essential Genealogical Guide to Early Modern Ulster, 1600-1800.

One of the aspects of this conference that separates it from others I’ve attended, are the optional trips that allow you to visit a number of historical sites in Ireland and Northern Ireland. These sites will give you a greater knowledge and understanding of Irish history and how this affects your genealogy research. These may even be areas where you ancestors originated. This September's conference will be preceded by a one day genealogy essentials course. This would be very helpful for those who are just starting their research.

I have attended one these conferences in the past and plan to be a delegate at this year’s September conference. In the next month, you will be able to read a few blogs intended to better prepare those who plan on attending the September conference as well as those who are thinking about signing up. This would be especially significant from a North American perspective. Some prep work prior to the conference may not only provide you with a head start on your research but also give you a better chance for success when you are there.

If you have ever considered going to Ireland to conduct family research but have hesitated because you just didn’t know where to start, or felt you needed additional assistance during your research, or you just didn’t think any records exist on your family in Ireland, this might be a conference you should consider attending. The conference fees include transportation from Belfast to these various historical sites and the day trip to Dublin, including entry fees and research time with the Foundation’s staff. Lunches and some dinners are also included in the conference fees.

For more information on the Autumn Family History Conference, check out the Foundation’s web site at or

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