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The 16th Genealogy 101 sessions begin in late January!

The 16th Genealogy 101 workshop will begin on 26 January at the Brown County Central Library Auditorium in Green Bay. These sessions are conducted every Saturday at 9:10 am and run until around noon. There will be several bonus sessions scheduled again this year as well.

Mary Jane Herber, the library's director of the Local History and Genealogy department located in the Central Library, will again be directing most of the sessions.

Those attending these sessions will learn about searching newspapers, census records, vital records, land records, court records and the use of computers in genealogy research. There will also be a number of Bonus sessions following the main session.

Evelyn Reignier will provide a bonus session on computer basics as well as Belgian and French Canadian research. Carrie Drephal will be presenting a session on Dutch records. Carrie and I will also be presenting a session on German and Bohemian records. I will also be doing additional bonus sessions on Chicago research and Irish research.

Attendees must register prior to the first session on 26 January. Those who would like to register can call the Local History and Genealogy office at 920-791-7305 or email the office.

In addition, Fintan Mullan and Gillian Hunt from the Ulster Historical Foundation will be making another stop in Green Bay at the Brown County Library Auditorium on 13 March from 9 AM until 3 PM. Fintan and Gillian will be providing sessions on Researching Your Irish Ancestors as part of the March Lecture Tour 2019. I will be providing more information on the March Lecture Tour 2019 and the session in the U.S. and Canada.

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