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Have a Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I would like to wish all of you a Happy St. Patrick's Day. Due to recent events involving the Covid-19 virus, many celebrations and parades have been shut down so the day that we have selected for the remembrance of our Irish heritage will be a bit different this year. But we do want you to remain safe and as a result, our celebrations will be delayed on the 17th of March but certainly not forgotten. I am sure we will have another opportunity to celebrate at another time.

Also, my remaining presentations have also been either postponed or cancelled until further notice. This includes the last two sessions of Genealogy 101 and my bonus session which was scheduled for 21 March at the Brown County Library. We will keep you posted if any of these events are rescheduled.

I have been asked at recent presentations about conducting one on one in person consultations. At this time, in person consultations have been postponed until the Coronavirus outbreak subsides and officials consider in person contact safe again. However, I will continue to be available to conduct consultations either by phone or by Skype by appointment.

I will also continue to conduct genealogy research for clients as I have been doing in the past. I don't anticipate that schedule to change. However, some research may be a bit delayed and some records may be difficult to obtain immediately depending upon the schedules of libraries, archives and government facilities. I do appreciate your patience should there be any delays due to the availability of records.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions. Again, Happy St. Patrick's Day and stay safe.

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