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There are times in our lives where we become part of an historical event that we later realize how big that event was in history. The event might be of interest to your descendants’ years from now. By writing down, others, in your family, will have an opportunity to find out some things that happened to you in your life. Here is an event that I attended over 50 years ago that involved the astronauts from Apollo 11.

Neal Armstrong was the first astronaut to walk on the surface of the moon on 20 July 1969. Armstrong and astronaut Buzz Aldrin spent two and a half hours outside of the Lunar Module called “Eagle” and walked in an area referred to as the Sea of Tranquility. The trip to the moon and back received worldwide attention. After Armstrong, Aldrin and Command Module pilot Michael Collins returned to earth, a number of celebrations occurred throughout many large American cities to honor these three astronauts. One of these celebrations occurred in the city of Chicago where I spent much of my growing up years.

Neal Armstrong & Buzz Aldrin, Chicago, Illinois 1969

I was only 15 years old at the time the Apollo 11 astronauts arrived for this huge celebration in Chicago. I was able to travel to downtown Chicago along with a few of my classmates to see the parade celebrating the astronauts. I brought a camera with me just in case I was able to get close enough to see the crew of Apollo 11. What I did not expect and to this day, I am still not sure how this all worked out, the motorcade stopped right in front of me. There was no one blocking my path.

So, I was able to see Armstrong and Aldrin with no obstructions. I was literally amazed at which point one of my classmates nudged my arm to remind me to get a picture. I took the picture of Neal Armstrong waving to the crowd!

Daley Plaza, Chicago, Illinois 1969

I took a few other pictures along the way as we worked our way to Daley Plaza in “The Loop” where a celebration was held with city leaders. I was still a distance away but I still had a fairly good view of the activities. That was quite an afternoon that I still remember to this day!

Daley Plaza, Chicago, Illinois, 2021

A recent trip to Chicago made me think of that event back in 1969. So, while I had a few minutes, I walked over to Daley Plaza and stood at close to the same place that I stood at over 50 years ago during the celebration. The Plaza had changed a bit through the years although minus the thousands of people who were in attendance to honor the three Apollo astronauts that day. I was able to relive that moment back in 1969.

That was definitely an exciting day back in 1969 and it was even more enjoyable to get another opportunity to relive it some 50 years later! Have you ever witnessed a significant event from years back that is worth writing about for future generations? Have you had the opportunity to revisit that location years later? It can be any kind of event. You don’t have to welcome the Apollo astronauts back to earth! But it might be an event that you family might enjoy reading about years later. Share a fun event that your family will enjoy reading. Someday maybe your great great grandchildren may want to revisit the same location themselves.

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