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Researching Your Irish Ancestors from this Side of the Pond!

Updated: Jan 10

Is looking for your Irish Ancestors on your New Year's resolution? Well here's a video that might give you some ideas and key points before you start looking across the Pond!

Here are also some sites across the pond that could look at after you've completed all your research here first.

  1. Irish Genealogy is a website operated by the Irish Department of Tourism, Culture, Arts, Gaeltacht, Sport and Media!

  2. National Archives of Ireland

  3. National Library of Ireland

  4. Catholic church records National Library

  5. Registry of Deeds Index Project

  6. Virtual Treasury

  7. Public Records of Northern Ireland (PRONI)

  8. General Records Office

  9. General Records Office Northern Ireland

  10. Irish Family History Foundation*

  11. Ulster Historical Foundation*

  12. Griffith's Valuation

There are other sites available for researching too but this is just a few. Here's a video on some starting points and some key points to remember in your research... * indicates a pay site. Plus, a number of County Heritage Centres across Ireland have their own website. You can check those out using Google and asking for the Heritage Centre for that county. Good luck in your research in 2024!

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