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Sean Nos Dancing, Irish singing and the Irish culture

Recently, I attended an Irish Fest in Appleton, Wisconsin and spoke to a couple of very talented individuals regarding their skills in some very old Irish culture. I've known Brian Cunningham for sometime. He along with his family, are experts in the art of Sean Nos or old style dancing. He appeared at the event along with his sister Lorraine who is also very talented in this art of Irish dancing. Brian and his siblings learned in their home of Connemara located along the western coast of County Galway.

I also met up with Joe Cullen who has been singing for over forty years. Joe is originally from County Donegal. He learned how to sing and play musical instruments also as a child. They both have brought their talents to across the pond and have been displaying their talents for many years and teaching this skill to Irish Americans who want to learn more of this Irish culture.

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