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Lots of exciting News in the Genealogy World!

There has been some exciting news recently announced in the Genealogy world. First, the organizers of Roots Tech plan to provide both an in person as well as a virtual version of Roots Tech 2023. The program will run from the 2nd to the 4th of March next year. The in-person activities will again be held in Salt Lake City, Utah. It will also be available as a global online event. More information on Roots Tech 2023 may be found at

MyHeritage also announced that it has added an additional update to its “Theory of Family Relativity” tool. The feature gathers all the family trees and records from the MyHeritage database and generates theories on a link to a family line. This allows you to look at a DNA match and determine how those family links maybe related to you by generating a few theories on those family lines.

New family tree profiles, DNA kits and historical records have been added to the program, according to MyHeritage. The company announced that the new information that has been added to the database has resulted in 25,636,711 new theories. I have even seen a few recent connections in my family lines. You can find more on the MyHeritage website

Also, the Irish Genealogical Society International has announced they will be providing a podcast program on You Tube. This will add the latest news and information regarding the Society. A new podcast will be added each month. The podcast will provide what’s going on within the IGSI and what events and webinars will be going on that month. I will be hosting the podcasts and eventually we hope to add interviews and other pertinent information regarding the Society. Of course you can also find more information on the Irish Genealogical Society International on the other social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter as well as the IGSI’s website

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