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Riding in the western trolleys during the early 1900s.

Interurban trolley exhibit in the Trolley barn at Historic Fort Missoula

Getting to and from work today is a matter of getting in the car or perhaps a bus or even the subway and many of us use public transportation out of convenience. But what was it like for our ancestors about a hundred years ago? In some cases it was an easier and even safer means of getting from point A to point B..Wooden trolley cars were used not only in big city urban areas around the turn of the 20th century but also smaller cities and even in rural areas… I discovered an interurban trolley that was used for twenty years in the early 1900s. at an exhibit in Missoula, Montana.

For more on the interurban trolley number 50 and the other exhibits in the Historical Museum at Fort Missoula check out their website:

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