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Digitizing History

For over a century, people have been using cameras to take photos of events, family members and places.. These photos have given us a peak at the past and what life was like, in some cases decades ago. Many of these images have since been passed on to the next generation and have been stored in boxes or desk drawers. Unfortunately, some of the names of the individuals in these photos and the locations of these pictures have been lost through the years. In some cases, these images, negatives and photo platelets have become worn or have not outlasted the test of time yet there are many that have survived. Several organizations including the Brown County Wisconsin Historical Society are taking these images and negatives and digitizing them so that future generations can enjoy viewing these pictures and learn what life was like a long time ago. Scanning sessions have been established to determine where and when an image was taken and what may have been taking place in history at the time. I had a chance to sit in on one of these sessions and learned a little bit about life in Northeast Wisconsin near the end of World War 1.

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